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How to Overcome Laziness


stay focusedWhen you stop before you get tired or when one keeps postponing engaging in a task that needs to be done, then that is called laziness. Quotes have been echoed by the greats. The founding fathers of America Benjamin Franklin knew the zeal of taking on challenging tasks. Laziness earned one scorn and disgust from colleagues. Such colleagues were left out in the cold to get a cooling atmosphere and meditate about their life.Read article

How to Overcome Procrastination


We talk to ourselves almost all the time in our minds. It can be when you are just walking down the street, waiting in a queue or just seated on a carpet alone in your house. There are streams of thoughts going through your mind even when you are not paying attention, these thoughts influence our feelings, and eventually our actions and behaviors.how to overcome procratination

The good thing is that you can control these mental dialogues and turn them into productive ideas, then you can be able to overcome any negative feelings and behaviors. Procrastination is a negative feeling that tells you to postpone doing a task. Here are some easy steps on overcoming the procrastination habit.Read article

6 Must Have Skills for Personal Development


Life is like a river. Each time the terrain changes the course of the river changes with it. There are times when one is in the valley. There are times one is standing at a lawn or on the mountain top. There are no warning systems to point out impending disaster or incoming success. Life is simply a roller coaster ride, hold tight, and fasten your seatbelts or fall of the bandwagon.personal dev

Such high levels of uncertainty call for a survival mechanism. Personal development is the shock absorber that keeps one firm. Personal development helps one to take the road less traveled, to hold on and to look for the silver lining in each passing cloud.Read article

10 Great Ways to Boost Creativity


creativityCreativity may seem inherent but like a few other things it’s a delicate balance between nurture and nature. Simply, creativity could be enhanced through factors not touching on genetics. Creativity pertains finding original means of solving problems and dealing with situations. These are not skills limited to artists or writers; people from all walks of life finds it useful. Below are a few tips for boosting one’s creativityRead article

10 Ways to Improve Your Personality


The desire to improve character is universal. The notion that good character and success are bedfellows has gained traction over the years. After personal development courses, character development programs follows closely.personality

The classes are amazing. They certainly live up to the hype. What if someone told you that the gurus have been intentionally leaving something out? You would be shocked, right? Here are ten practical ways that are a free pass to improving your personality.Read article

Personal Development Life Coaching


life-coachingPersonal development involves doing things that increase your awareness and self-identity, enhance the quality of life, build human capital, identify, understand and develop talents, and lastly, play a part in the realization of aspiration and dreams. Personal development coaching includes covering areas to increase general happiness, wealth, love and to enjoy generally life. Here are some of the things personal development can do for you;Read article

How to live your values


Everyone has some list of the moral code by which they live their life. However, most of them never take the time to sort out what they really believe in. This disparity makes them feel conflicted when making decisions on regular choices such as money, social lives, time, personal decisions, etc.values

So, how do you live your values? Do you have integrity? Integrity in this context refers to how closely your life aligns with your values. Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you work and live. Are you living your life according to what you believe in? Practicing integrity is simply doing what you say you do.Read article

Emotional Intelligence and how to Boost It


emotional intelligenceEmotional Intelligence is a relatively new term.IQ was for a long time the standard that was used to determine if you were smart. One measures how well you turn out in life, the other how well you perform in school.IQ cannot change, but EQ can.Read article

3 Ways to Boost Your Personal Development.


The courageous step of taking up personal development is challenging. The process spans years. Many people understand that they have to undertake it to better their lives. However, the rigors of the daily habits sidestep them of ever reaching their full potential.dev

The process is meant to weed out the undisciplined. What can one do to raise the odds in their favor? This question is the motivation behind writing this article. Below are three ways you can boost your personal development.Read article

What You Need To Know About Self-Acceptance


Self-compassion is accepting you for who you are. After a reasonable assessment of weaknesses and strengths, this can be the hardest thing to do. Humans have a tendency of assessing themselves higher than they truly are.self acceptance

Denis Waitely put it this way. Nobody is perfect. One has not been discovered and will never be discovered. Shortcomings and inadequacies are a part of the day to day life, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.Read article

A Beginners Guide to Personal Development


developmentPersonal Development is as old as history itself. Alexander the Great, under the tutelage of Aristotle, was a direct beneficiary. The young man blossomed under his mentorship.  From this example, personal development can be defined as the process of setting daring targets intended to make one grow out of a comfort zone.Read article